Pitstop, in association with Cat Assistance, is a 501C3, tax deductible organization.

​Who We Are - What We Do


Pitstop is a division of Cat Assistance, NY which was founded by Sarah Hart in 1999.  While Cat Assistance’s focus is on at-risk cats, we added dogs to our mission in 2010 and have rescued numerous dogs from local overcrowded animal shelters. We are a volunteer, 501©3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization consisting of a large network of foster homes. We pull primarily from NYCACC, Mount Vernon Animal Shelter, Stamford Animal Control, Bridgeport Animal Control, and New Haven Animal Control. None of our animals are kept in a shelter. All animals are kept in private homes where we can fully assess any medical and/ or behavior needs and the dogs can live in comfort and happiness until they are adopted. This allows us the ability to really get to know our animals to be sure they are adopted into the perfect match.

Pitstop, in coordination with Cat Assistance, has placed more than 265 abandoned cats and dogs in loving homes in the past year. We did this all without a shelter, paid staff or government funding! That means that every dollar we raise goes to pay for veterinary care, medical supplies, food and training for our cats and dogs.  

In Loving Memory Of Manny

We lost our sweet boy Manny to heart failure. His poor body couldn’t fight anymore. The Specialty Vets told us that his heart condition was too far gone and that there was nothing that we, or they, could have done any differently. He was probably suffering from a congestive heart condition for months!!! The blame falls on his neglectful owner who thought it was OK to let an eight year old dog deteriorate to the condition he was surrendered in. He was 20-30 pounds overweight, with his feet 3 times the size, and a face full of infection from bite wounds. He had been living outside with an embedded collar with serious untreated health issues while being taunted by the other household dog. 


For the week that Manny was with us, this boy finally felt love. He was able to feel the grass under his feet, sleep in bed with a human being who truly loved him, get snuggle visits from volunteers, and even his own professional set of head shots. After only a few minutes he brought smiles to so many faces and never ever showed us that he was discontent or in pain. We are happy to say that he was not in major discomfort until just this morning. He went peacefully, right after giving kisses to the tech who inserted his IV. 

Manny's death is not in vain.


We will continue to fight and to pull dogs that have been failed by their owners and try our best to give them a new life- unfortunately for Manny, it was just too late. He will live on in our memories and we will be setting up a fund in his name, and in his honor, so that we can continue to pull the neglected and unwanted and give them their rightful chance. 

RIP sweet Manny the Manatee 

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One of our dogs, Walrus, was featured! But don't fall in love, he's been adopted! 


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